You may (or then again you may not) be wondering what each of the little icons mean in relation to Dan. I've selected a few videos listed below that might explain them...

LLAMA: Dan likes llamas! He talks about them alot in a few different videos (both his own and on AmazingPhil's channel), but here is Dan singing The Llama Song. Also, Dan visiting Llamas at the zoo in Phil's video I smell like a girl...

BANANA: Probably the moment when Dan won alot of his more pervy fans, during his Truth or Dare video Dan was dared to eat a banana seductively.

BLUE LAVA LAMP: During Dan's early years, youtube removed one of his videos due to 'shocking images'. The offending image actually turned out to be his blue lava lamp. Dan explains in DID YOU ORDER SOME SEX?[n00 and improved].

MICROWAVE: According to Dan, 'microwave' is an onomatopoeia. Fact. See Phil is not on fire 2.

TOTORO: In most of Dan's videos, there is a Totoro plush lurking in the background. Gamer Girls are HAWT being one of them.

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